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Road Case in Action #1

(Event release, 3/9/2013)  COMPETITORS entered in the Australian Off Road Championship round at Coates Hire Rally Australia on the Coffs Coast next week will be kept safe and on time by the wonders of modern technology.

Around 40 of Australia’s most spectacular off-road “trophy trucks” and “pro buggy” entrants are set to contest the fourth round of the 2013 championship on a special course at Glenugie, north of Coffs Harbour, on 14-15 September.

Leading international telecommunications provider Orion Satellite Systems is sponsoring the event by providing one of its innovative “Roadcase” communications systems, which will ensure officials have complete control over the race.

The Roadcase is literally a large box that contains all the equipment necessary to connect to the internet from a remote area. The only thing not actually packed in it is the antenna. With a circumference of 1.2m, it is too unwieldy to pack!

“Providing you have some source of power, you can set it up anywhere within an hour and you have any service you need,” says Orion’s sales and marketing manager, Chris Ockwell.

“High speed broadband internet access, phone, fax, even EFTPOS, although I’m guessing the competitors won’t need that! All the event officials need when they set it up is ‘line of sight’ to one of the three satellites we use (NSS6, IS19 and IS8) which effectively cover the entire continent.

“They will be able to talk to each other about what’s going on in the event, call for assistance if necessary and upload, access and transfer results to whoever needs to receive them.”

The system is so user-friendly, officials could literally plug in a domestic handset and dial the number they want, but Mr Ockwell suggests they have specified a slightly sturdier option.

“Roadcase comes as a basic shock-proof, dust-proof unit that allows you to connect to the internet and do what you need to do with a phone and a laptop, but you can ‘up-spec’ it, depending on your own requirements.

“We offer what we call a ‘ruggedised’ phone which is obviously a much tougher grade handset than the average domestic model, and when you see the treatment these systems receive in remote areas, you can understand the need for the equipment to be both solid and reliable.”

The Orion system is most commonly used by mining, construction and oil and gas companies throughout remote areas of Australia as well as New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and South East Asia.

It will face a simpler task next week, maintaining communications over the 440km off-road course in and around the Glenugie State Forest, 58km north of Coffs Harbour.

Founded in 2003, Orion Satellite Systems is an Australian owned and operated company with its headquarters in Perth. The company specialises in providing dedicated satellite links and tailored communications systems for its customers in remote areas of Australia and around the Asia-Pacific region.

More information about Orion is available on the company website,

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Chris Nixon

Chris Nixon is Media Manager for Kennards Hire Rally Australia.