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Saturday Spectators Guide

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Saturday Bus Timetable

Tickets must be purchased via Ticketek. Bus Tickets $27.50 per day. Adults and Children same price.

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Location Time
Park Beach Plaza 8:15am
Woolworths Park Avenue 8:30am
Service Park (Stadium Drive) 8:45am
Raleigh Raceway 9:15am
Location Time
Raleigh Raceway 1:00pm
Newry 17 / Rocky Crossing 1:45pm
Location Time
Newry 17/Rocking Crossing 3:15pm
Service Park (Stadium Drive) 4:00pm
Woolworths Park Avenue 4:15pm
Park Beach Plaza 4.30pm
Location Time
Park Beach Plaza 4:30pm
Jetty SSS 4:45pm
Location Time
Jetty SSS 7:30pm
Park Beach Plaza 7:45pm
Woolworths Park Avenue 8:00pm
Service Park (Stadium Drive) 8:15pm

Travel Information

The following properties are working with Rally Australia to provide the best deals and special rates to visitors and competitors in accommodation in Coffs Harbour over Rally in November 2017.

Make sure you mention that Rally Australia recommended them for your discount at the time of booking.

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Transport & Safety

Road Closures

Some stages of the 2017 Kennards Hire Rally Australia takes place on the commercial roads within Coffs Harbour. It’s important that locals and spectators are aware of the road closures and take caution when commuting in the area.

Spectator Information for Rally Australia | Kennards Hire Rally Australia Accessible Access

Kennards Hire Rally Australia aims to be accessible for all of our diverse spectators. For more information on the areas of the event that have dedicated disability access, visit our Accessible Stages page.

Photography & Drones

All spectators are permitted to take photos of the 2017 Kennards Hire Rally Australia; however, these photos are for personal use only, and commercial use is prohibited. All drone usage is prohibited in all sections of the Rally.