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PHOTO: Hyundai brings 55 personnel and almost 65 tonnes of equipment to support its WRC effort at Coates Hire Rally Australia (Hyundai pic)

WRC teams bringing tonnes of freight and dozens of personnel to the Coffs Coast from the other side of the world mean significant economic benefits throughout the community.

Here, a statistical summary of Hyundai Motorsport’s logistics is one example that can be multiplied many times to represent WRC’s contribution.

How many crew travel?

Hyundai Motorsport: We have around 55 staff members traveling to Rally Australia from Europe. The majority will travel from Frankfurt to Australia via Singapore although we have some staff members starting their journey from other European hubs like Paris, Madrid, Brussels, etc.

What jobs do individual crew have?

Hyundai Motorsport: Jobs include –

Team management, Logistics, PR, Marketing, Mechanics, Engineers, Drivers, Co-drivers, Weather crews, Recce support, Doctor, Physiotherapist, Catering.

What nationalities are some of the crew?

Hyundai Motorsport: We have team members from France, Belgium, Spain, New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Finland, Great Britain, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Ireland, Mexico and Hungary.

How many days will crew members be in Australia?

Hyundai Motorsport: Depending on the jobs we will have crew members staying 7 to 13 days.

Where do they stay – apartments or hotels?

Hyundai Motorsport: We have a team hotel for all crew members. Total bed-nights is around 350.

How/where do they eat at night – at the service park or in restaurants?

Hyundai Motorsport: We have full team catering service from Tuesday to Sunday in the service park. In the days before the opening of team catering meals are organised in local restaurants/hotels.

What kind of food/restaurants do they like when travelling?

Hyundai Motorsport: The team chef prepares meals for the team based on the team’s taste always with a look at local flavours. For Rally Australia the catering staff will buy everything they need on site and base the menus on the fresh products they will find on site. For example at Rally Australia barbecue will be one of the highlights of the week. Pasta is always a dish that is included in the catering menu together with salads. The team’s favourites are the desserts cooked by our French chefs. When going out to restaurants the team will visit local restaurants and experience the local cuisine, wines and beers.

Will any take time for R&R before or after the Australia rally?

Hyundai Motorsport: Most of the team members will travel only for the rally but some members will go in advance or stay after the rally to visit the country. Sydney, the Gold Coast and Cairns are among the destinations they will visit.

How many tonnes of equipment by sea and what does it comprise?

Hyundai Motorsport: We sent 5 x 12-metre containers overseas which are shipped at the beginning of the year to go to Mexico, Argentina and Australia. We freighted a total of approx. 50 tonnes of material including recce cars, spare parts, tools and service area/hospitality equipment.

How many tonnes of equipment by air and what does it comprise?

Hyundai Motorsport: The three cars are sent from Frankfurt Airport by air freight together with 4500 kilos of parts including more spare parts and material which couldn’t be sent by sea freight.

Rally car fuel, oil and tyre consumption?

Hyundai Motorsport: 390 litres of fuel and 16 litres of oil is the average consumption during a rally for each car. Tyre quantities are limited by regulation – for Rally Australia each car is allowed to use 24 tyres plus the ones for Shakedown.

What quantities are required for catering?

Hyundai Motorsport: 7000 meals per year, team are served breakfast lunch dinner and snack, guests and media served for lunch and dinner, drivers have a special meal on request. Rest is a set menu. At rally Australia – 120 kg of meat, 40 kg of cheese, 60 kg of fish, 240 kg of vegetables, 500 litres of water.

What kind of souvenirs will the guys like to buy while in Australia?

Hyundai Motorsport: For sure kangaroo-themed souvenirs are a must to bring home! Also – with the Rugby World Cup – Australia’s team t-shirt will be popular as well.

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Chris Nixon

Chris Nixon is Media Manager for Kennards Hire Rally Australia.