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2012 Rally de Espana

(, 27/8/2013)  WHEN it comes to outright speed, one of the fastest WRC drivers is Qatar M-Sport WRT’s Mads Ostberg.

What makes the Norwegian so fast? Well, it turns out that on at least one occasion he just really, really needed to go to the toilet. But perhaps his lucky underwear has an influence too?

Here’s what Ostberg had to say when we sat him down with the questionnaire:

1) What do you do in the last 30 seconds before you start a stage?

MO: “I close the door, I tighten the belts and I drink all I can manage from the camel-back. Then I do my mental preparations to ensure I know exactly what I need to do on that stage.”

2) Apart from your co-driver, who is the most important member of your team and why?

MO: “All of them are important, but I might have to give a special mention to Nige, my engineer, and also my mechanics. As I’m sure most drivers will tell you, it’s almost impossible to point out a single person, but these guys I could not do without for sure!”

3) Are you superstitious? If so, do you carry anything lucky in your car?

MO: “I don’t carry anything in my car, but if I have a crash or an incident, I never wear the same pair of driving gloves again. And there is also a special brand of boxer-shorts that I always wear when competing.”

4) What is your favourite stage in the WRC and why?

MO: “That must be [Rally Sweden stage] Rämmen. It is fast and really flowing and basically just very fun to drive.”

5) What is the most difficult stage in the WRC and why?

MO: [Rally Finland stage] Ouninpohja. But that is also the coolest stage. When you get that one right you know you’re driving well!”

6) What has been the best moment of your WRC career so far?

MO: ”It has to be Rally Sweden in 2011. We secured our first WRC podium but we were also challenging Mikko [Hirvonen] for the lead. That was an amazing moment for me.”

7) If you weren’t competing in the WRC, which WRC driver would you like to be and why?

MO: “Henning Solberg. He is always happy and smiling. A good meal cures everything for him.”

8) What has been the most frightening moment of your career so far?

MO: “Not sure…. The first that come to my mind is that long stage in Mexico, when I really needed to go to the toilet when I arrived at the stage end. I was bursting!”

9) What is your all time number one pop song and why?

MO: “That’s a Swedish song, called “det løser seg” by Timbuktu. It’s about how everything turns out good in the end. It brings back some good memories from a very joyful time in my life.”

10) What was the best birthday present you have ever received?

MO: “Someone once gave me rollerblades, and I really enjoyed using them. And I was very surprised when I received them. It was very unexpected, and that is maybe why I still have that memory fresh in my mind!”

11) What would you do if you weren’t a World Rally Championship driver?

MO: “I would be a Chef. Or an astronaut maybe. Is it possible to go out in space and make delicious food?”


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