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AUSTRALIAN Adrian Coppin has survived a challenging ADAC Rallye Germany to complete his first overseas WRC event.

At the end of a short final day Coppin managed to steer clear of trouble in a Citroen DS3 R3 to finish just outside of the top 40. He will now return to contest WRC Australia alongside teammate Tony Sullens in their own Team Citroen Australia DS3s.

Coppin’s Germany Citroen, run for him by Italian team D-Max Racing, carried livery promoting Coates hire Rally Australia.Coppin Ger14 10 copy

“Made it through, we survived, hallelujah! It was an incredibly tricky weekend, but such an enjoyable event and I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to come and compete here in Germany,” Coppin said.

“The weather wasn’t as bad today, the road surfaces though were so difficult, so slippery. I had one big moment where I was making pizzas going down the road. It wasn’t a nice day for driving neat and tidy, I had a number of overshoots and lots of small mistakes.

“We saw how tough the roads are in Germany, though, especially in mixed weather conditions, with the change of lead on the first two stages this morning. It was just so slippery, especially coming out of some of the hairpins which were like competing on a gravel rally.

“We made a bit of a wrong tyre choice too. We could have put on a new set of tyres but I thought there wasn’t much point so I ran a set of worn mediums. The weather cleared and the temps just came up too much and we completely torched them (tyres).

“I came here to learn, and I’m so happy with how everything went in that regard, I learnt heaps. It was great to be able to get a different perspective with my pace notes having Dale (Moscatt) in the car.

“I head home now with a lot of confidence in the car (Citroen DS3) and knowing that compared to Germany competing at Rally Australia should be an absolute walk in the park!”

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