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COMPETING on the all-tarmac RallyE Deutschland this weekend, Australian Adrian Coppin has ended the opening day with a few car concerns but overall happy with his progress.

“Today we had three stages repeated twice, with a service in between both runs. We were a little worried about the weather, it was overcast and we saw a few sprinkles of rain but thankfully the skies never properly opened,” he told

“The first stage my aim was just to get a rhythm. The stage was like a little racetrack, the road was really well formed and it was so much fun to drive. It was a little slippery in spots but overall the grip was good.

“The second stage was really different, much more in a forest section with lots and lots of big cuts, so there was a lot of dirt and mud on the road by the time we got our run. There was a hairpin in the stage and I just managed to run wide and got stuck off the road but only for a few seconds.

“The third stage was different again, all three stages had a completely different feel to them. It was super fast, lots of flat out sixth gear stuff which I really enjoyed. On one of the flat out corners though it just tightened a bit more than I’d noted, totally a pace noting fault on my behalf, and we went off through a vineyard.

“We smashed the windscreen going through the vineyards, I think we smashed enough grapes to make our own box of wine!

“After midday service, driving out to the repeat of the stages, the car just didn’t feel right and on the line to the fourth stage the launch control didn’t work properly either. For the next three stages the car was down on power and even though I was driving the stages with more commitment our times were slower than the morning run.

“We got held up on the last stage of the day too, it was delayed because of Ogier’s crash. It was the same stage I’d crashed through the vineyards in the morning, so that made me feel a bit better that even the World Champion can get caught out on these roads.

“The guys went over the car tonight to try to find why it was down on power. They couldn’t find anything obvious so they think it’s a sensor problem, so in the morning they are going to change some of the sensors that could be causing it and maybe change the injectors too. Hopefully that’ll fix the problem.

“But overall a really good day, I learnt lots and working with Dale (Moscatt) for the first time has been terrific. Really looking forward to Day Two!”

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